The Collection of Paul & Rita Flack

Past Auction

October 13, 2018 10:00 AM EDT Downingtown, PA


The Collection of Paul & Rita Flack, October 13th, 2018

It is with great pleasure that we at Pook & Pook, Inc. have the privilege to represent Paul and Rita Flack in the sale of their outstanding collection of Pennsylvania folk art and antiques from their personal collection. With Paul's impeccable eye, knowledge, and patience, not one but several collections have been formed over the years, this being the sixth and finest of all of them. Paul and Rita have spent decades becoming acquainted with local collections, plucking prized folk art pieces from collections throughout the keystone state and beyond. Both Paul and Rita are experts in the fields of slip decorated pottery, fraktur, and quilts, and they have shared their knowledge with others for the past half century through lectures and publications.

"This undertaking started as Paul, in his usual calm demeanor, suggested that I join him and his wife Rita for lunch one day this past spring. With great anticipation, I sat down with the Flacks for another delicious meal of Rita’s homemade soup.  As I stared at the walls, covered in incredible fraktur and drawings, Paul quipped, ”they are all copies – we want you to sell the whole original collection.”

Strolling together through their home, we discussed one beautiful object after another, including many that Paul and Rita had held back from their previous sales. Some of the items come with impeccable provenance, while others have never before been seen by the public. Paul, along with other great collectors like the late Donald Shelley and Bill Koch, possessed confidence and demonstrated fairness in his dealings. As a result, pickers and local families took notice and many would come to offer him their cherished heirlooms directly.  

In this sale, with great pleasure and excitement, we are offering the entirety of Paul and Rita’s decades long consummate devotion to Pennsylvania German art in all it’s forms – furniture, fraktur, carving, quilts, etc. The collection demonstrates the Flack’s unerring eye and their quest for only the best. The pages of the catalog speak for themselves as to the dazzling results of this lifelong passion for collecting. Both Paul and Rita and Debbie and I trust that these objects will find new homes to treasure them as much as we do."

-Ron Pook

Saturday, October 13, 2018 at 10am


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Pook & Pook would like to thank Lisa Minardi for her assistance in researching the fraktur in this collection. Pook & Pook would also like to thank both Lisa Minardi and Stella Rubin for taking the time to share their insight during the reception on October 12th.

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