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Since 2005 Pook & Pook has been paving the way with internet bidding which allows bidders the convenience of online live and absentee bidding from the privacy of their own computers, tablets, or phones. Visit PookLive to register and place internet absentee bids or download the PookLive app on your favorite device: AndroidiPhone, iPad.

A 25% Buyer’s Premium is applied when bidding through PookLive. A 28% Buyer’s Premium is applied when bidding through any third-party online bid platform such as Bidsquare, Invaluable, etc.

By registering to bid on PookLive, Bidsquare, Invaluable, and/or any other third-party bidding platform, bidders are bound by and agree to our Conditions of Sale and Terms of Guarantee.

Bidders who are new to PookLive, Bidsquare, Invaluable, and/or any other third-party bidding platform utilized by Pook & Pook must first create an account on the corresponding website. After an account is created, bidders may register for any of our upcoming auctions.  If a bidder’s registration status is pending, required information may be missing such as full name, address, phone numbers, and/or credit card information. If all of the required information has been provided and the bidder’s status remains pending, please contact us to complete registration.

Please register as far in advance as possible as Pook & Pook may not have time to approve registration just prior to or during an auction session. Successful bidders in good standing may be automatically approved/registered for upcoming auctions. Pook & Pook may decline registration to bidders with multiple closed and/or open disputes on any online bid platform.

If you have any questions about online bidding, please contact Pook & Pook at or Bidsquare at