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Call us today: (610) 269-4040 - Fax: (610) 269-9274

All pick-ups or shipping arrangements must be made within seven (7) days after auction


Payment in full is required in order to pick-up your items. To schedule a pick up for small items (10 lots or less), click here: Auction Pick-Up. To schedule an appointment for more than 10 small items, please schedule two back-to-back appointments. For large items (furniture, etc.), please call our office at (610) 269-4040 to schedule. Please bring your own packing materials and assistance for loading items into your vehicle.


Pook & Pook offers in-house shipping for select items. For items not eligible for in-house shipping, Pook & Pook has provided (see below) a list of trusted local professionals who have offered their services. Please email with any questions regarding shipping or pick-up.

In-house shipping (small, sturdy, light-weight, non-breakable items, jewelry, currency)
Please email Hannah Barchuk at

For shipment of small items (art, pottery, and fragile decorative accessories), the following companies have offered their services:

The Packaging Store (also ships and transports large items) Lansdale, PA
(215) 361-6940, fax: (215) 361-6941

Philadelphia Mailroom
(215) 745-1100; fax: (215) 745-1102

Mail N’ More

For shipment of large items (furniture, sculptures, etc.), the following companies have offered their services:

Scott Cousins (East Coast)
(978) 491-9354

Mt. Everest Moving Company (East Coast)
(717) 314-7647

Sure Express (Worldwide)
(800) 335-9996


1. Get a Quote or Quotes – You contact us or any one or more of the shippers listed (or a shipper of your own choosing) to obtain a shipping estimate. Be sure to provide us or the shipper with the following information: Your Name (as it appears on your invoice), Lot#(s) Purchased, Invoice Total, and the Zip Code to which the item(s) is being shipped. Shipping and handling charges are based on packaging, size of item, weight of item, zip code, and insured value.

2. Notify Us – Contact us to let us know the name of your chosen shipper, email or call (610) 269-4040.

3. Items Collected – Your item(s) is collected for your chosen shipper. Outside shippers are scheduled throughout the week to come collect your purchased item(s). Independent shippers not listed above must call (610) 269-4040 to schedule a pick-up time.

4. Items Packed and Shipped – Your item(s) is then packed and shipped to your specifications by your chosen shipper. Please allow 3-5 business days from the time of collection.

5. Pay for Shipping – Packing and shipping costs are separate from your auction invoice. Please provide your chosen shipper with payment information to cover the cost of shipping and handling.

Pook & Pook will not release items to any shipper until your auction invoice has been paid. New customers paying their auction invoice with a personal/business check or international money order/cashier’s check will delay release of items for 10 days. The release date is supplied to the shipper who will not ship your item(s) sooner unless you provide Pook & Pook with a copy of your cancelled check (we cannot check this from our bank). If you have any questions about paying for your auction invoice, please contact at

All items must be picked up, or shipping arrangements made, within one week of the day of sale. NOTE: Items left here more than ten (10) days will incur storage fees at a rate of $5.00 per lot per day (this rate applies to all items regardless of size or value).